Hurts Like a Mother

A Cautionary Alphabet

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Amy overdid the Pinot at the parent potluck
renda was concave from a post-partum nip/tuck

At last—the book that truly feels your pain...
Whether you’ve had a kid for decades or a few minutes, you know it can hurt— physically, emotionally, and, let’s just say it: like a motherf*&^%! In the vein of Go The F*ck To Sleep, this grown-up picture book parody of Edward Gorey’s classic The Gashlycrumb Tinies takes you on an A-Z journey through the perils of modern parenting as twenty-six moms succumb to hilarious and horrific child-care related fates. Hurts Like a Mother will make you laugh so you don’t cry (or die).

The perfect gift to make the mom in your life laugh!

From the Hardcover edition.


A Must Read --New York Post 

"Morbidly funny" --People Magazine

"Jennifer Weiss and Lauren Franklin celebrate our transgressions in their new book... No matter what stage of motherhood you are surviving at the moment, Weiss and Franklin commiserate with you down memory lane or give you something to look forward to. Something that will be much funnier in retrospect."

"Hurts Like A Mother is a brief but humorously morbid book. Harkening to the gothic Victorian mood from Gorey's original illustrations and poems, the stark black-and-white drawings comically depict modern parenting crises, particularly when portraying the faces of the harried mothers which range from fatigued to intoxicated to homicidal."

From the Hardcover edition.